What we can offer

The Huddersfield Support Group for Autism (HSGA) was set up in February 1992 and has held meetings at regular intervals since then.  It aims to offer help and advice to families living with Autism, including Asperger’s syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome (PDA).  A confirmed diagnosis of ASD is not needed to join the group.

What we have achieved.

The group has been very active in working with the local authority to help to develop better services for people with Autism in the area.  HSGA’s recommendations, advice, and determination played a key role in the setting up of the Primary and Secondary resourced provisions at Longley Special School and the formation of the Kirklees Autism Outreach Service (KAOS).  We have previously worked very closely with Shabang (special needs theatre company) and Kirklees to provide leisure activities.  Services are currently changing in Kirklees so the information we have provided may be quickly out of date.


We run very popular, subsidised, family outings to Chester Zoo, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Bridlington with sometimes a nominal charge to group members.  Several families have also attended the excellent Circus Starr without charge.  We also have an annual Concert Night at The Victoria Hotel, this is great night out and an invaluable fund-raiser.  The annual BBQ at Golcar Cricket Club is also a very popular event.  Any funds we raise subsidise our activities, we take out NO expenses.

Keeping you informed

We keep our members informed with updates and information on events that have taken place and providing information for anything relevant occurring in the future.  This is done via the website, email and Facebook page.  At present, we have over 300 families and interested professionals on the mailing list.


Everything we offer is open to all but we do like to know who our members are.  Please register with us by sending an email to info@hsga.org.uk and we will keep in touch with you.  All those on the mailing list receive regular emails with information about forthcoming evening meetings, talks, outings, fundraising events and updates.  We offer support, advice, and information as well as improving awareness of and provision for both children and adults with autism.


We provide help and assistance wherever we can, notably through our President and founder Kate Falkingham, who, although now retired, has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Even if we only signpost you where help can be available, it might be just what you need.

The group is entirely voluntary and like other support Groups up and down the country, we are there to help each other.  Just meeting and talking to other parents and carers who are in similar positions, or have been through what you are now going through, is hopefully a great comfort and help.