Volunteering with the HSGA playscheme is an amazing opportunity and experience. We ask for all volunteers to attend a training session and sign the Volunteer Guidelines before they will be accepted onto the scheme. A volunteer’s day is 9am – 3:30pm and a packed lunch is needed. Volunteers will be required to work 1:1 with children or may be asked to support their group, it is essential that volunteers are dedicated to providing a good time for the children. We ask for all volunteers and support staff to work full weeks as this provides stability and continuity for the children.

Each year we have volunteers returning to work on the playscheme, so why don’t you come and join the team. If you are interested you can apply now

Meet a Volunteer


Name: Paige Berry

Time with the playscheme: 1 year

Everyday job: College student

Qualifications: A Levels in Biology, English and History

Hobbies: Play badminton for a local club, and love reading

Why you joined playscheme: I didn’t know that much about autism- and felt with my chosen career that it would be important to learn more about it. Playscheme ended up being so much more than I’d expected!

Best thing about playscheme: The best thing about playscheme was the 1 on 1 work with the kids! It’s great to really get to know them and build a relationship with them through the week! I also really enjoyed seeing the kids enjoy themselves whilst doing all the activities.

Hopes for the future: In the future I hope to become a midwife, this experience thoroughly helped with gaining skills, however I’ll definitely be coming back to playscheme next year



Time with the playscheme:

Everyday job: 



Why you joined playscheme:

Best thing about playscheme: 

Hopes for the future: