Parent/carer – “just a short note to advise you and the members of Huddersfield Support group for autism that our son Scott who was diagnosed as autistic when he was 4 and is now 24 passed his second Dan black belt in Karate yesterday .We were members of the group and attended many meetings where we received a great amount of information and support .I hope this gives hope to the members and their children”

Parent/carer – “Hello Kate! WOW! wow! wow! We LLLOVED it! Aadam is 15 but he LOVES the circus! He has been really inspired since last year when we went and says he wants to work in a circus!The Moroccan guys were the steal of the show and were outstanding! It was an amazing night for us. We were on the edge of our seats with the moroccan brothers. It was nice that we had a break and had an opportunity to get face painting done and especially the pictures with the minions! That was a nice touch…it was brilliant! The length of the show was perfect! Thank you for a brilliant evening!! We REALLY needed this night out as we don’t get to go out much. We honestly can’t wait till next year! Please tell the circus staff they were AWESOME and been an inspiration to my son. Keep up the fantastic shows and work . it really is appreciated by families and children like ours . Thank you so much!”

Parent/carer – “My 2 boys Keiran & Stefan love this playscheme and always wish there were more weeks of it and that it could be run on other holidays as well. This is run professionally the staff and volunteers put in all that is needed for the children to enjoy, every day there is different activities for the children too choose from, no one is ever left out. The children feel safe and protected whilst there. Thankyou Everyone!”

Parent/carer – “Jacob was in the play scheme for the 1st week of the hols and he loved it the booklet provided told me what he had been up to that day and what he needed for next day the bus provided always came at the same time which was good for Jacob as he was at the window waiting haha! All round a fantastic service which I hope Jacob will be attending for many years!!”

parent/carer – “My sons go to Playscheme every year and it’s the highlight of there summer. The hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers is truly amazing they take such good care of the children and such hard work goes into making sure they have loads of fun things to do. Thanks so much to all involved!!”

Parent/carer – “This is the first year I have used the play scheme for my 11year old son and all I can say is thank you and you are all amazing. From the bus driver, the escorts on the bus to the organisation of the whole week, Bailey truly enjoyed himself. Thank you so much.”

Parent/carer – “Leo has had such a lovely time at playscheme .. He didn’t want to get off the bus and come home. Thank you to everyone x”

Parent/carer – “Wow I can not Thank you guys enough for the experience and fun my little one had at his first play scheme. By day 3 he was running out of the car happy (no tears & clinging which has rarely happened in the last 2.5 years when dropping him somewhere) to his amazing key worker. He took part in all your activities (he won’t do them with us) and was proud of his achievements. Thank you guys and we will defiantly be back next year xx”

Playscheme bus driver “Ive been a Bus driver over the past two weeks at playscheme met some wonderful support staff, and children, and made part of the team, Welldone you do a fab job all of you”